Honors Pre-AP/AP

To move from an Honors Pre-AP/AP Level class to

an On Level class:

(After school has started)

Honors drop form

Students are allowed to drop down a level, if necessary between September 20th and October 4th 2019.

There are several steps that a student must complete before they can make the change which should all be documented on the drop form.


  • Student must speak to the teacher to talk about why they want to drop the class and to discuss strategies for success.  

  • Student must go to their counselor to talk about academic strategies to be successful.

  • Student must stay in the class for the first 6 weeks (until Sept. 20th)

  • Student must attend at least 3 tutoring or FIT sessions with the teacher.

  • Student must try to make up Missing work and Major Grades.

  • There will be a conference (in person or by phone) with parents, counselor and assistant principal before final approval.

  • Teacher must approve the chance.

  • Parents must approve the change.

  • Assistant Principal must approve the change.