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How do I take an ACC class?


For the BEST in depth information about taking

ACC classes go to the following:


You may also pick up a flyer from your counselor

Basic Steps to Get Started

If you have never taken a class, start at step 1

and follow ALL steps.

(If you have already taken a class, start at step 5 )

Step 1 - Create an Account

  • Set up an application account and click Create Account at the bottom of the page. (This is NOT your ACC application. You must complete this step before moving to the actual application).


Step 2 - Complete ACC Application 

  • Click on Start an Application to begin the ACC Application.  (If you get interrupted, or need to finish later, simply log back in and click the 3rd checkbox titled Complete An Application). 

  • On the Application Information tab, make sure to select the following choice for Basis of Admission: "High School Dual Credit Program (Receiving Both High School and College Credit)"

  • Make sure to click Submit Application on the Certification and Signature tab.

  • Within 24 hours (excluding weekends/holidays), you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the address provided on the application containing your ACCeID, instructions on how to activate your online tools, and ACCeID account.  Keep your ACCeID and password somewhere safe and accessible)

  • Activate ACC Online tools:  set up your ACCeID and then activate your ACCmail account.

Step 3 - Orientation

  • Failure to complete the orientation and its assessment quiz will result in a registration hold!

Step 4 - College Readiness

  • Bring a copy of College Readiness scores to your counselor or Mrs. Nix. 

  • If needed, take the TSI test. 

    • The TSI test is offered at various times throughout the year by Mrs. Nix in the College and Career Center.  

Step 5 - Enrollment Docs

  • Complete the HS Programs Early Admission Contract with your counselor or Mrs. Nix.


Step 6 - Plan and Register

  • Use the Self-Service planning tool to plan & register for classes during the open registration period, and be sure to check your balance to verify if payment is due.

  • If you do not register for the class on the ACC website, you are not in the class! 


Step 7

  • Print your schedule to show your counselor.


Step 8

  • After you complete your class and your grade is posted, request that your transcript be sent to McCallum High School. 


If you have QUESTIONS, see Mrs. Nix in the College and Career Center. (Room 130)   




  • ACC is a college and not McCallum High School.  We only facilitate the Dual Credit process.  Make sure that you understand that you will be expected to produce college level work.  Decisions and actions made now, which include dropping a class or failing a class, may impact your ability to receive financial aide with ACC in the future.  

  • Students are responsible for how well they do in the class.  

  • Students are responsible for registering themselves and for textbooks.

  • We CANNOT register or drop a student from a class.

  • We CANNOT see how students are doing in a class.

  • We do NOT have access to your ACC transcript.

  • Students are responsible for having their ACC transcript sent to McCallum's registrar once the student’s class is complete

  • Credit for ACC classes is only awarded to students who have their ACC transcript sent to McCallum.



What is the BEST info guide?

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Where do I register for class?


How do I get a transcript?

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