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12th Grade - August 6

11th Grade - August 9

10th Grade - August 13

9th Grade - August 15


How do I make changes for next year's schedule?


Schedule changes are expected to be made

BEFORE the first day of school.  Only emergencies such missing classes will be changed once school begins.


Schedule Change Requirements

  • NEW: Only academic class to academic class changes will be granted.   All new off periods and office aide requests will be granted only for students who are on track to graduate with proof of college readiness and, in most cases, a parent meeting.

  • No teacher/class period changes will be considered.  Don't ask!

  • You MUST list at least as many classes to ADD as you are DROPPING. Please add 2 alternates.  (Don’t forget that some classes are ½ credit classes and you need 2 to make a full year).

  • Granting your request may move your schedule around.


To move from an Honors Level class:

(After school has started)

Students are allowed to drop down a level, after the 1st 6 weeks of class.

There are several steps that a student must complete before they can make the change which should all be documented on the drop form.


  • Student must speak to the teacher to talk about why they want to drop the class and to discuss strategies for success.  

  • Student must go to their counselor to talk about academic strategies to be successful.

  • Student must stay in the class for the first 6 weeks (until Sept. 20th)

  • Student must attend at least 3 tutoring or FIT sessions with the teacher.

  • Student must try to make up Missing work and Major Grades.

  • There will be a conference (in person or by phone) with parents, counselor and assistant principal before final approval.

  • Teacher must approve the chance.

  • Parents must approve the change.

  • Assistant Principal must approve the change.